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Panang Vegetable Curry

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September 17, 2020

½ red onion, sliced thin
1 carrot, halved and sliced on a bias
½ crown broccoli, florets
2 TBSP panang curry paste
12 oz coconut milk
1 TBSP tamari
1 TBSP agave
1 kaffir lime leaf
2 sprigs Thai basil, picked
2-3 TBSP coconut oil
2 cups cooked jasmine rice for serving

Heat a pan on medium and add the coconut oil.  One at a time, add the onion, carrots, and broccoli. Saute the vegetables until the broccoli is vibrant in color and everything is tender. Move the vegetables to the outside of the pan and place the curry paste in the center. Gently toast the paste, stirring it around and cooking it until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Add the coconut milk, tamari, agave, and lime leaf. Cook the curry until it has thickened slightly, 2-3 more minutes. Then turn off the heat and add the basil. Serve with warm jasmine rice